Moves coming up

I’m wrapping up my appointments at Dragon fx, last day being oct 19.  Ill be moving to Calgary this winter, and I’ll post went I know exactly where I’ll be working down there.  The best way to get a hold of me will be on my ‘@Landontattoo” facebook page.img_8347 img_20160917_190823 img_20160831_125732 img_8405 img_8339 20160924_125104 geometric mountain 20160815_152520b

Tattoos from my flash





daniels sheep ankle



Semi annual post

20151217_140525 20151231_110541 20151230_203030 20151221_144135 20151210_110043 mountains matching 20160113_201445

jellyfish and other nature stuff.

IMG_20150925_191106 IMG_8101 IMG_20150915_155522 IMG_8065 shanes-arm IMG_8033

some sweet stuff

rose tattoo

rose tattoo

wolf tattoo

wolf tattoo

rose tattoo b/g

rose tattoo b/g


playing with markers and pencil crayons

IMG_7599 IMG_7344 IMG_7345 IMG_7607 IMG_7503

couple of new tattoos


@landonwierenga @landonwierenga @landonwierenga @landonwierenga @landonwierengain progress

bugs and pizza

I am going to start posting my work on #reddit under

hara800001bug800001 filigree-leg800002 pizza800004 ohm800003

geometric and dot art

EYE-dot-art-hand TATA bear mountains-dotart

couple new tattoos, mostly nerdy

xwing tattoo calf starwars